If you want to be happy, stop trying to be perfect

Ten reasons why being a perfectionist is harmful to your happiness.

  1. Perfection doesn’t exist, so you are chasing an impossible ideal.
  2. You are always disappointed with yourself because you can’t reach your impossible, idealistic goals.
  3. You fail to appreciate the good in your life already, because you are constantly striving for perfection or the next better thing.
  4. You suffer from black and white thinking. “Well, if I can’t do it perfectly, then I might as well give up.”
  5. You are constantly unhappy with yourself because you judge yourself  so harshly. You wouldn’t judge your enemies as harshly as you judge yourself. 
  6. Contrary to many perfectionist’s belief, being harsh with yourself does not make you work harder and achieve more. Instead it stifles your creativity, your productivity and your everyday happiness.
  7. Striving to be perfect is essentially the need to please other people, or make them think you are ‘good enough’.
  8. Time becomes a huge pressure.  If everything is to be perfect,  not only does each hour have to be used wisely and productively, it also has to run perfectly smoothly itself.
  9. You can never let go and ‘just be’, because there is always something to be done to make you or your life more perfect.
  10. If you are striving to be perfect, it means you don’t think you are good enough as you are. In other words, you are  rejecting yourself, which can only lead to pain instead of the perfect happiness you so crave.

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