Health and Fitness Tactic 1 – Reset

My cousin Tom Marien runs a training and fitness company in London called One Element.  He has designed a 12 day Reset programme which helps you kickstart better exercise and eating habits, lose weight and become fitter.

Last year my husband and I did Reset, and I must admit I failed abysmally. My heart just wasn’t in it. I did change what I ate, but I bent the rules and didn’t do the exercise bits and I cursed my cousin everyday for making me do it. (Of course he didn’t make me do it, he’s a very nice man and it was my choice.) My husband stuck to it and lost 5kg in 12 days. I think I lost 1lb, which doesn’t count because I could have lost that overnight.

Anyway, knowing that the problem was with my attitude rather than with Reset, we started the programme again two weeks ago and this time my committment was completely different.  I don’t know why. Perhaps I knew what was involved, perhaps I was just ready to make the changes this time, perhaps I had grown up a little.  Either way, I stuck to the diet completely. Actually it’s not really a diet, you have to cut out certain foods and stick to some basic rules. I still didn’t make time for all the exercises but I did more than I normally would have so I’m going to focus on the positives.  At least I have something to aim for next time!

The main rules of the programme (as I followed them – I’d lost my book so I was doing it from memory) are:

  • no alcohol
  • no sugar
  • no wheat
  • no dairy
  • daily exercises
  • four cardiovascular exercise sessions per week.

This time I lost 5 lbs and my husband lost 6lbs, and I have carried some of the habits on since stopping the programme at the weekend.  I’m not drinking in the week, I’m not snacking so much, I’ve cut down hugely on the wheat , sugar and dairy I’ve eaten too.  I’m sure this won’t last because we’re going on holiday in 9 days but I do feel I will start the holiday with more restraint than I normally do.  And I can look forward to doing Reset in another couple of months to help keep me on track.

Luckily for those of you who want to give this a try, Tom has just relaunched the Reset programme this week and has made it available for free as a pdf download on his website.  He recommends doing Reset 4 times a year, and One Element sets Reset dates 6 times a year where you sign up and are supported by daily emails.  If you live in London you can attend their Training  in the Park sessions too.

Have a go, I recommend it. And don’t worry if you don’t stick to it completely first time round. Who wants to be perfect anyway? Not me.

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