Health and Fitness Tactic 2 – Bootcamp

Koen from KB Fitness and Nutrition

For my 12 day health and fitness plan I went along to a local ‘bootcamp’ run by fitness trainer Koen Bouckaert, in Cowfold, West Sussex.  I’d been a few times before but obviously had not been committed enough to keep going on a regular basis.  Now that I wanted to exercise 3 times a week his class was perfect for me.  It’s on a Monday and Friday morning at 9.15 which is exactly the time I finish the school and nursery run.

The class is very relaxed, mostly mums, but not all, and you can turn up and pay on the day or book a block of sessions 3 or 4 weeks in advance. I recommend this because when it’s dull and raining, there is more chance you’ll turn up if you’ve already paid. And strangely, exercising in the park in the rain is energising, inspiring and more enjoyable than I’d ever have thought!

The sessions are like circuit training except they are not in a stuffy, soulless hall but with nature and wildlife all around. It’s amazing how uplifting exercising outside can be. Never will I go back to the gym.  I have realised that I like this way of training. I like the short sharp bursts of effort, the mixing up of different types of exercises, running the short distances in between each set of exercises to keep your heartbeat up.  It means I don’t get bored. It works, it feels good, nature is recharging me and it’s all very friendly.  Koen works you without you realising he is. He’s not the bark out the command kind of instructor which is great because I don’t think I’d like that.  He pushes and encourages you, but you can go at your own pace.

I’ve only been doing this for two weeks and already I feel  fitter, my stomach muscles are more defined and perhaps even more surprising I look forward to going.  I am definitely going to keep attending, even if some weeks I can only go once.  With my Zumba class too, it’s all the exercise I need at the moment.

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