If only I could just reboot…

I seem to have arrived home from my family holiday with my energy, motivation and patience levels at rock bottom. I can only see the mess, clutter and jobs to do around my house, my children are constantly annoying me and can’t do anything right, all I want to do is sleep or read a book, my work feels overwhelming, I want to hide away from the world, and my computer problems make me lose the will to live.

Basically, I’m not a very nice person at the moment. I have turned into a snappy, irritable mum who resents her children, because she’s tired, frustrated and angry.  Considering that I thought my life was running along pretty well before I left, and I’m fairly sure I used to be an upstanding, conscientious considerate member of the human race,  I’m a bit surprised and disappointed by this turn of events. And it’s lasted a whole week now, so I can’t blame it on jet lag or the holiday blues anymore.

So, what to do?  I wish I had a reset button which I could press to take me back to how I was feeling before my holiday.  The daily habits that I had in place then were obviously working pretty well, but I seem to have lost them all now. If only I could reboot myself like a broken computer, maybe the glitches in my life would mysteriously disappear. But alas, I am not a machine, I am a human being and it’s all a bit more complicated.

As a human I will need to reset myself another way.  I need to recharge my body with more sleep, less alcohol (I’m still in holiday Gin and Tonic mode), healthier food and exercise. And I will need to nourish myself by taking some time for me (for pleasure not work) to counteract the constant demands made by the children. And I’ll need to just get on and deal with it. I keep telling my kids to stop complaining and be grateful for having such a wonderful life.  Now I need to take that advice and practice it myself.

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