Savour the memories

A couple of weeks ago I came across the Mother’s Day Card that my 9 year old son gave me in March.  It had been in a pile of other cards and drawing that the children had done, so I rescued it and placed it on the window sill.  Every night I look at it when I go to bed and it makes me smile.  As my son would say, ‘It makes my heart feel good.’

Research has shown that people who savour the good things in their lives feel happier than those who don’t.  And the good news is, we can savour a single experience in three different ways.  Firstly we look forward to it, then we experience it (make sure you are present in the moment if you want to savour your experience as it happens) and thirdly, we have our memories to look back on.

What are you going to savour today?

And for the mums and dads out there: check this website out for a novel way to savour your golden memories. Don’t they look gorgeous?

One thought on “Savour the memories

  1. Fab reminder to us all Thea, thank you. I love the expression ‘it makes my heart feel good’, it sums up perfectly how I feel when I recall my happy memories.
    And what a great website, I have just sent it on to my sisters boyfriend as it’s her birthday coming up she’d love one of those!

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