Health and Fitness Tactic 4 – It only takes 5 minutes

Exercises can be done anywhere…and at any time.

This week, and while I am on holiday (or am I deluding myself?) my new health and fitness tactic is 5 minute exercise slots.   I want to get into the habit of incorporating quick sets of sit-ups, press ups, lunges, squats etc to my daily routine. I could even market it to myself as a time saver. Don’t waste time waiting for the kettle to boil, get down on the floor and crunch.
Why do I have to wait until I’ve been for a run, or have completed my bootcamp session to do some stomach exercises? It’s not essential to do these toning and muscle strengthening exercises at the same time as cardiovascular work.  By doing 5 minutes a day, it soon adds up to more toned body, which is what we all want. After 3 weeks of my health and fitness drive I am quite proud of my newly defined stomach (I’m talking very softly defined. A six pack it ain’t), and just think; if I did sit ups everyday how much better would it look?

2 thoughts on “Health and Fitness Tactic 4 – It only takes 5 minutes

  1. Good plan! I’ve been doing 5 -10 minutes of stretching, sit ups and press ups in the mornings and I agree, I think it all helps. I hadn’t thought about adding squats and lunges so thanks for that.
    I also think it’s perfectly acheivable to do this on holiday.
    I love the idea of crunches whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!! Better not do it in the office though!!

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