Health and Fitness Tactic 5 – Home Workouts

So, what if you can’t get out of the house to do regular exercise?
Maybe you have small children, are on a tight budget, or just don’t like exercising with other people. Maybe you hate gyms or jogging, and feel all the travelling to and from health clubs is a waste of time.  Maybe it’s raining and you’d rather stay in.
A good friend of mine, Karen Plested from Karen Plested Personal Training, recommends setting up your own fitness routine in the comfort of your home  if you can’t – or don’t want to – get out to an organised one. She gave me a schedule to follow, which I am going to use when I miss my scheduled classes and when I’m ‘too busy’ to exercise (and maybe if it’s raining.)   She is happy for me to share this schedule with you, so please contact me on and I’ll email you a copy.
I’m also going to use the individual sets in my 5 minute exercises (see Tactic 4), and I’m hoping that the more I do them, the more I’ll be likely to do them.  I would like them to become a habit which I don’t even have to think about.
So, this is the end of my Health and Fitness Tactics.  I’ve no excuse now, not to be fit and healthy for the rest of my life. But since we all know it doesn’t work like that, I’m hoping that by having more tools and tactics at my fingertips keeping fit and healthy will become easier, more effective and become a regular part of my life.
I hope you have been inspired to use some of these tactics and tips. Please comment below and let me know what works for you.

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