Happiness Habits at Christmas

For most of us Christmas is a busy time where we have much to get done and extra family to visit or entertain. I’m not the world’s best Christmas organiser – there have been more Christmas Eve wrapping sessions than I would have chosen – but in general everything important gets done and I don’t get stressed about it too much. So I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist about Christmas. Some years I try harder to create the ‘perfect’ Christmas than others. Last year I created homemade hampers full of jams, chutneys, truffles, sweets and marinated feta, for all our family, made personal crackers for everyone with the children, and made a bit effort decorating the table. But this year I have just about managed to buy all my presents and make a Christmas cake (actually the fruit is still marinating in the fridge but in my head I’ve done it). But I’m not feeling bad about it, I’m actually quite amazed at what I got done last year!

One thing I do struggle with at Christmas though, is keeping up with the daily habits that keep me organised and slightly sane. When the house is full of people it is more difficult to set aside time – even 5 minutes – to plan the day, or sit down for a quiet meditative cup of tea, write my journal or do exercise. And we all know that healthy eating goes out of the window at this time of year!

So this year my aim is to focus on 5 minutes in the morning to plan, then take 5 minutes before bed to write my journal. If that happens I’ll be satisfied and feel that I am creating a little headspace for myself to reflect and organise. Hopefully this will help me have a happier Christmas.

What small habits will you focus on this Christmas to create some space for yourself?

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